Sand Art on Another Level. How des he do it?

Sand Art like you never seen before !!


Watch how he reveal his artwork !! Is like magic !


Tim Bengel was born on December 31st 1991 in Ostfildern, in the near of Stuttgart, Germany. His curiosity for art first presented itself when he, still in his infancy, tried to imitate the abstract works he had seen at his first visit to the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Having remained true to his interest in art, he won his first art competition at the school he went to, at the age of 18. 

For Tim Bengel, art means asking questions. What is art? What does make art successful? And who decides what art is?

Today, Tim Bengel engages himself with art and philosophy, at the elite university of Tübingen. Casually, he managed to make himself known as an artist with his unique pieces made from sand and gold.

On his journey on finding the answers to his questions, he is always driven to explore new works and projects. Currently, apart from his sand and gold pieces, he is occupied with the issues of concept art, serenity, double moral standards, money, decadence and everything else that comes to his mind. 


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